About Us

Custom seafood is a Brisbane based Seafood wholesaler and processor. With over 40 years combined seafood experience in Domestic and Export markets. Damien and Grant have been Supplying Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth and South Australia with Some of Australia’s and the World’s finest Sashimi, Fresh, Frozen and Live seafood. From our state of the art purpose built 2000m2 Safe food accredited facility. Encompassing temperature controlled processing room, Live holding tanks, on-site freezer and cold rooms in Seventeen-mile rocks (Brisbane’s western Suburbs) we have been servicing restaurants, Hotels, wet fish shops, Sushi shops, sports clubs etc.. for the past 20 years.


We are Brisbane’s only seafood wholesaler offering a huge range of Sashimi, Fresh, Live and Frozen Seafood.


Fresh Fish is prepared and cut to order.


We are one of Queensland’s biggest mud crab suppliers. We ship crab all over Australia.

Specialising in Sashimi grade fish we offer only the best in Sashimi Tuna, Salmon, Swordfish and numerous other species. With our strict monitoring of product and quality control procedures, Custom Seafoods makes sure only the best product is processed.


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Custom Seafood is dedicated to providing our customers with the freshest fish at competitive prices. Quality is the name of our game. We look at the relationship as a partnership between us and the customer. Custom Seafood has partnered with some of the best restaurants and chefs that Australia has to offer. Resident seafood experts, Damien and Grant have a range of knowledge and skill that is often sought-after to assist with planning menus and quantities to maintain client satisfaction, efficiency and profitability.


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Besides sourcing and selling the best live & frozen Seafood produce in Queensland, Custom Seafood also offers a range of speciality services. If you’re after anything specific, please find further information below.


Business Expertise


Custom Seafood has over 40 years of combined experience in the industry. We deal with some of the best chefs in the world, as well as the best fishermen. Damien and Grant can offer strategic direction to help turn your business you want it to be. Damien and Grant are more than happy to offer their expertise and strategic direction to help turn your business into what you want it to be. To learn more about what we can do for your business: Contact Damien or Grant today


Consulting Services


If you need help calculating quantities, we offer a range of customised consulting services to help your business.


We do the work while you rest assured, as we understand firsthand the importance of accurate quantity calculations and the impact it has on your business.


Sashimi Tuna

Custom seafood distributors only source the finest Tuna for your Sashimi needs. Our Sashimi Tuna is mainly caught from the cleanest bluest waters where the Sashimi Tuna stock is abundant and of the best grade.


When our Sashimi Tuna starts its journey from the boat to Custom Seafood Distributors we ensure that we use only the best Tuna fisherman and Tuna transport agencies for your sashimi tuna. We pride ourselves in having some of the best sashimi tuna in the country.


We can supply sashimi tuna to you in varying quantities you require for your sashimi menu. With years of expertise in dealing with sashimi grade Tuna, Custom Seafood Distributors in-house experts Damien and Grant can also advise you what sashimi tuna would best suit your menu and what other complimentary seafood products to offer.

Sashimi Salmon

At Custom Seafoods we supply only the best freshest Sashimi Salmon sourced from Tasmania and New Zealand. We stock Huon Tasmanian salmon and ORA KING salmon from New Zealand which are the premium salmons on the market. We process to order on a daily basis ensuring our product is of the highest standard and can cater for any volumes. Please contact us to enquire about our premium salmon products.